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"It all started from my dream story."

It all started from my dream story. What if the soils that could be found anywhere in the world could be used as construction materials? That would enable people from countries regardless of their wealth or poverty, to build roads and lay water channels, which would release them from fear of heavy rains. And as a result, it would bring them smiles. That’s my dream story.
Naturally, I have received negative feedbacks from a number of people saying “that is impossible,” “if that was possible, everyone would have been doing it,” “it would turn into mud after a while,” “soils in the world are not all the same,” or “there are soils that can be solidified and that can’t. It is a global common sense that such unreliable materials cannot be used.” I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but those words really demotivated me.
On the other hand, there are also many people from a company that could represent Japan or university professors who supported my dream and even gave me advice. 
Those feedbacks were “the required strength varies depending on the intended use. Randomly solidifying the soil, generating excessive strength without a specific purpose is not efficient.” “Efforts to streamline construction are necessary.” “Mechanization of construction.” “Types of solidifying agents.” “The required quality includes not only strength but also the utility of sediment that does not liquefy even when immersed in water.” “What is crucial is not just whether solidification is achievable, but the expertise to control the quality.”

The history of INVAX group can be characrerized as a continuous dedication to addressing each and every challenge along the way. As we overcome each and every challenge, our efforts started attracting many people’s interests. This circle of support, which began as a dream, has grown steadily and has led to the current INVAX Group.
The construction of our new building will start in October, 2022. This new building in Saitama city will have a laboratory that would embody the expertise we have developed thus far.
Taking this as an opportunity, we continue to analyze the soil as Big Data* to utilize our technology and expertise we have developed so far, and aspire to contribute to global infrastructure development by utilizing sediments from around the world as a new civil engineering material.

 *Big Data refers to various forms, diverse characteristics, and different types of data.

Recent photo of Representative director and President of INVAX Corporation, Yoshikuni Akiyama

Representative director and President of INVAX Corporation

Yoshikuni Akiyama