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Towards the Creation of New Civil Engineering Resources

The proliferation of concrete supporting Japan's high economic growth

The concrete currently used in nationwide infrastructure development has rapidly proliferated since the establishment of the first ready-mix concrete plant in Japan in 1949. It has played a crucial role in supporting the development of Japan's infrastructure, offering stable quality and excellent workability as a construction material, in response to the massive demand driven by the backdrop of Japan's high economic growth during that era.

The global demand for reducing environmental load

Japan's social infrastructure, relying on concrete and steel as the core materials for civil structures, has achieved unparalleled development. However, with the increasing global demand for reducing environmental load and other societal changes, there is a significant shift towards technological innovations in new structures, construction materials, construction methods, and more.

Creation of new civil engineering resources

Building on the research in Sabo soil-cement technology, we have been actively working towards the widespread adoption of relatively high-strength soil-cement. Since our company's inception, we have engaged in various studies with the aim of utilizing local soil and sand as construction materials.
We believe that our technology will not only contribute to advancements in Japan but will also establish itself as a new approach to civil engineering in countries with limited construction resources in the future. Our stance is to use locally available materials for construction. This approach reflects the evolving mindset of innovative civil engineering techniques.

Restoration Measures Project for the Eastern Iburi Earthquake in Hokkaido

Restoration Measures Project for the Eastern Iburi Earthquake in Hokkaido


Civil engineering design consulting

We provide consulting services from investigation to design, mainly for Sabo related projects. We also provide services for the Sabo soil-cement method, which is widely used in disaster prevention projects, as well as the structural designs which are conventional construction methods.
For the Sabo soil-cement method in particular, the expert staff from our group offer technical support, conducting tests to determine the suitability of the on-site soil at the targeted site. 
We can meet a wide range of needs through a series of processes from selecting the construction method to design.

Photo of Employees from Civil Engineering Consulting Business

Solutions business utilizing soil

We provide consulting services for the application of soil-cement technology using on-site soil in various fields. In the midst of a global shortage of concrete aggregates, soil-cement which utilizes local soil, is recognized to have significant advantages in creating civil resources, contributing to the generation of construction materials.
Sabo soil-cement has achieved numerous successes in Japan, particularly in the construction of sediment control dams (check dams). Globally, soil-cement is used in various fields such as roads, rivers, and airports. By advancing this technology in Japan, expectations arise for its utilization in diverse sectors. 
As shown in Figure 1, we offer a one-stop solution for the utilization of local soil, covering everything from investigation, design, construction and quality management.

Figure 1 : System diagram of INVAX Group solution

Figure 1: INVAX Group solution

Research and development

We are working on following themes to address various needs by leveraging soil-cement technology.

  • Research and development of soil recycling technology

  • Research and development of mix design tests and testing techniques

  • Research and development of soil-cement structures

  • Utilization research of iron and steel slag

  • Utilization research of fly ash

  • Development of soil-cement construction machinery

  • Research on cementitious solidification materials, etc.